Speak up for Palestinian rights and you can expect your name to be dragged through the mud – especially if you are Jewish

JVP letter

It has been brought to our notice that there has been an attempt to smear all the Jewish groups that signed the Jewish Voice for Peace letter opposing the equation of antisemitism with criticism of Israel. This smear consists of a collection of personal attacks based on selective harvesting of internet posts and links, including posts made with the purpose of showing what nasty things were being said. We can refute every criticism made about our group in this document, but do not want to give this smear publicity.

The writer admits to attempting to gain information through subterfuge, and reproduces an email he sent pretending to be a masters student doing research into Jewish anti-Zionism at Edinburgh. He claims that no-one responded to his request for help. We actually emailed back yesterday morning – but perhaps he was too anxious to get his ‘report’ out just before the Labour NEC meeting, so as to cause maximum damage with no chance for those smeared to respond.