Don’t let a right-wing Zionist elite scupper the prospect of a socialist UK government

United we stand 'Jewish newsapers'

ScottishJAZ responds to the latest attacks on Corbyn and the Labour Left

Like many other Jews across the UK we are appalled to see the right-wing editors of three ‘Jewish papers’ line up to attack the Labour Party, and more specifically Corbyn’s leadership. The insistence that Labour not only adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-Semitism (which they have done) but also every one of its illustrative examples has nothing to do with preventing anti-Semitism. Its dual aim is to outlaw criticism of Zionism and destroy the prospect of a socialist government in the UK. A state that gives priority to any one ethnicity or religion is inherently racist. The law passed by the Knesset last week makes Israel’s racism even more explicit. To equate criticism of this with criticism of all Jews, as those examples do, is both dangerous and itself anti-Semitic. Racism of all kinds is on the rise with the emergence of a new populist right. The only thing that can cut across this is a strong socialist alternative. These editors pose as anti-racists, while attacking those who would address the inequalities on which racism thrives.

We put this out as a press release, and the Dundee Courier asked if they could publish it as a letter:

18-07-28 letter to Courier_1

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